We are an exporting company of agro industrial products. We seek to offer the world the highest quality Peruvian products.

Our proposal includes a work in conjunction with farming communities who are dedicated to grow local products of each region; our commitment is to generate sustained development of the community by promoting
fair trade and an improvement of exportable supply in relation to quality and price.
We have industrial plants where we perform the process of our products; therefore, we guarantee the quality of our service.


Cooperate in the cultural and economic development of communities and associations. Offer the highest quality products to our clients and give the best of us to the world in order to achieve satisfaction and preference..


Be recognized worldwide as the Peruvian exporting company who promotes fair trade with the highest quality products.


Tierra Orgánica has been promoting the development of productive chains of quinoa, agreeing with producers to direct purchase of their crops and provides them with specialized technical assistance.